The Game Design Book

Hi, I'm Alastair and I'm writing the game design book I've always wanted to read, a book about design and the creative process we follow to make great games.

A book for game designers, by game designers, to help them make better games. 

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Better Designers

There's so much more to being a good, productive game designer than having good ideas.

Often it is the design processes we follow, our skills we develop when working with others, that help us ship great games.  How do we improve our ideas? How to communicate them clearly? How can make better design decisions? How best to deal with negative feedback? A lack of motivation? 

As an industry we're not the best at helping designers improve, to develop, to grow, learn and understand these processes. To be more productive. 

Helping to change this is at the core of "The Game Design Book". *

Hopefully shipping Q4 2017. 

* Name TBD! 



Got a design tip?  Words of wisdom? 

Want to see your name in a book about game design?


The book will contain material sourced from the best talks, the best game design books, blogs, vlogs, interviews, podcasts, academic papers and other relevant industries; architecture, film, photography and product design.

The plan is to gather all the research, all your submissions, then distil this design goodness down into bite sized chunks. Mix in some hard won knowledge from the trenches,. The best of the best. Each design chunk will fill a single page, maybe 200 chunks max, with accompanying charts, diagrams and illustrations as needed.

Our Book

The Book will have a huge credits section featuring anyone whose ideas, feedback or suggestions helped in any way, hopefully 10s of designers, 100s would be amazing.

Having many contributors is not just about sourcing the best advice, it's not just about trying to make the book as good as it possibly can be, it's to help make sure it's not just "The Book", but “Our Book”. By designers for designers.

Spread The Word

If you think this sounds like an interesting project, please help spread the work via your favourite social media channel. 

And if you want to contribute, fill in this form, or mail me, or tweet if you have something to share.

And if you want to keep up to date with the latest news, and get a 15% discount when I ship this book, then please...