Best Foot Forward

It’s from a cold apartment in Amsterdam, cold coffee on the desk, the always cool BBC Radio 6 Music playing in the background, the first post about my book writing journey is written! 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Laozi (c 604 bc – c 531 bc)

Finally getting started on this project after years of thinking is a pretty damm good feeling. Good times. Try it sometime. I’m a big fan of table flipping your life on occasion, check out this great post from the NYT if you’re brooding on some big changes to your personal circumstances.

My plan to is to keep an up-to-date blog on all things related to writing my game design book as well as sharing whatever useful, interesting material I find on the way. It’ll (hopefully) help keep me focused on the journey, plugging away one page at a time, and maybe help keep anyone who is interested in the loop on what’s going on.

Wish me luck!

Expect typos. 

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