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The Book

 After many years, multiple cities, moving countries, and shipping some great games, it is time to try something scary, something new. To quit my job and shake things up. To give back. To write a book.

A book about game design and the creative processes involved in shipping great games. It is a book for game designers, by game designers.

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The Games

... I helped make these

I make and design video games. I dig systems design, level design and figuring out how to make great games happen. I’m not afraid of a little code either.  

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Senior Designer, Guerrilla Games

Working closely with our Creative Director to define, develop and communicate the core player experience at the centre of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Can't say much more than that until it ships! Sorry! 

Killzone Shadow Fall

Senior Multiplayer Designer, Guerrilla Games

Launch titles are something special and I'm so proud of what we managed to make in the time we had. I was part of the multiplayer development on the PS4 launch title from pre-production to post launch support. I oversaw, documented, designed, created then balanced our player classes, abilities, gamemodes, scoring systems and player progression. I also managed our analytics workflow, organised worldwide playtests, mentored interns, developed live tiles, activity feeds and collaborated on our web presence. 

Killzone 3

Multiplayer Designer, Guerrilla Games

Helped push Killzone 3 from alpha through public beta to launch. Work included level creation, systems design and game balancing. Post launch I spent too much time on our forums, created the multiplayer level “Stahl Arms” and oversaw the remake of the classic fan favourite "Radec Academy" level.

GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony

Multiplayer Level Designer, Rockstar North

Designed and implemented core game modes, key technical systems and core mechanics. If you ever used a parachute online in GTA IV or boosted a nitro powered car, that was me. Much fun. 

GTA IV: The Lost & Damned

Multiplayer Level Designer, Rockstar North

Created online missions. Fixed bugs. Was awesome. 

All Points Bulletin 

Junior Software Engineer, Realtime Worlds

Turns out data is cool. During my internship I developed game specific C++ code and an accompanying Windows app to track player behaviour in game and then display this information via charts, graphs and other useful visualisations for our game designers. 


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